Child, in 18 years you will understand that for twenty-seven cents a meal, I and all my friends have been investing in your life and that of many more! I am determined that this year, 100,000 children can receive the greatest gift anyone can give: a life with a future and a hope.

For this child, that mean a life where he receives an education, food, clean drinking water, books, medicine, and access to medical care.

Hey son, we got you covered! I am not going to let you down! I know many people who would care for you. In just a little while, by the grace of God, me and every one I know, we are going to turn the lives of 1,000,000 children like you from beneficiaries to benefactors. The streets of your neighborhood will come alive once more! not with brutal soldiers, oh no, not this time, but with opportunity. Surely goodness, and mercy, and opportunity, and hope will hunt and stock you and hunt you down all the days of your life, for you are special and I and my friends, we all love you.

To all the orphans and vulnerable children of the world, there is hope.; I have tasted it ! Very soon, Justice and mercy will roll on your streets like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! our long day of struggle… gonna be over soon – justice wont be long now…