I need God’s grace; I crave His perspective of things below the heavens, and tremble when his presence becomes manifest.

I wonder how to live close enough to  what is important and how to attend to what is most important to  the Lord our Father, without feeding anything that is not most conductive to elevated health and helpfulness at the highest level.

I ask for divine fortitude to travel this journey called hope, with my brothers and sisters. Oh, that I may always be  most mindful of where I begin and where I end, where the human ends as the Divine encircles us all. Oh Lord, bid me not boast in my understanding; I know that it is in you alone that ,I can we find understanding and in your hands I entrust my humble understanding and let you validate all thing – We understand in part, we know in part and we speak in part –

As Divine fortitude permits, Oh Lord, bid me be found diligent in finding my part, owning my part, saying my part and doing my part, and making my life available to others as best as I know and as best as I am able. I know this full well, this is where I will be held accountable at the highest level.

Daniel Zopoula