Pax Vobiscum (Peace Be With You)!
Brothers and Sisters, I strongly urge you to exercise your citizen right on October 19th. So many people died for the right to vote.  Do not vote in the hope of electing a christian legislative body. You will be disappointed. Do not be driven by the Polls, you will have a heart attack! they move up and down, so much! Refuse to vote in fear or in protest __ vote in hope!
Should a Conservative or NDP or Liberal or Green get in as your MP, remember, these are fabulous Canadians. Serve them and help them do their job well  __  each of them, if elected, will represent their Jurisdiction in office, the very best they can offer.
Do not vote for either political parties, hoping they will champion your particular Christian cause. You will be disappointed once more. Have you noticed that even your religious leaders don’t necessarily represent your particular version of morality and expectation that well? I suck at it! By the way, thanks for still loving me and praying for me! Refuse to become a disciple of the ideologies on today’s market: Worship God only.
Manifest profound compassion on these honourable women and men who run for political office. They have it really hard. Politic is a noble space for public service in our society.
If you are like me, chances are, you agree with something, from each of the political parties; and you disagree with something else, from each of the political parties. Canada is one. We do not refuse service and humanity to each other or do life together, driven by our political colours or the colours of skins, but by the content of our characters.
Politic separates people, Theology Separates people. The Economy Separates people. Religion separates people. Ideology distances us and chases people away from people. Jesus Unites People from every tribe and nation and language. Dude, He is cool, that’s what am saying. U ok!
Sursum Corda (Lift up your hearts, be of good cheer)
++ Daniel Zopoula