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Daniel ZopoulaDaniel Zopoula is many things to many people. Yet, if we must do justice to his complex life, we must pierce through the superficial charades.

Daniel’s journey is rooted in a rich African tradition that put a premium on grounding of personhood, gentle embrace of others, cultural manners and social justice. Grounding of personhood can become distorted in the backdrop of this world of pervasive terror, chronic trauma and vicious stigma. Unclear vision of one’s life manufactures self sabotage.

Though deeply wounded and perennially scarred by the traumatic circumstances that paved the realities of his upbringing, Daniel emerged with great dignity, decency and integrity; with love, courage and humour; choosing social advocacy rather than a life of blind avarice and personal subservience.

Ironically, the sum realities of pervasive terror, chronic trauma and vicious stigma of his earlier “soul-making” yielded his true passion to profoundly influence, lead and inspire people to greatness, unapologetically breeding positive change and bearing witness to love and justice.

Devoted in Christian Practice, Daniel Zopoula’s life manifests compassion, creativity and hope for families and individuals. He is an internationally known consultant, educator, entrepreneur and public speaker, a long-distance runner in the struggle for justice.

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Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.

– Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

Always, still becoming, Daniel Zopoula


  1. God bless you I would like to get connected to you sir.I mean networking for the shake of the Kingdom.I am pastoring a church in Eldoret,Kenya.
    God bless you.
    Pastor Mathew Ongere

  2. God bless you, brutha! I am Alana & LaVonne’s dad.

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