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In Touch

In Touch from daniel zopoula on Vimeo.

Thank you so much for your investment in my life.  The way you shared your presence with me deeply impacted the way I live my life to profoundly impact the way people live and move and have their being.

I am not sure how you keep choosing to surround me and my family with your love and your trust despite all my short-comings (which are many); but I most sincerely appreciate and joyfully embrace the reality that this is a gift you are making to me beyond my wildest expectation. I am deeply moved by the fact that your gift to me and my family was not conditional upon my shortcomings.

Your choice was based on principles and your highest commitment to the cause which moved you to engage with the poor through the agencies Sara and I represent( Certainly  you have so many other legitimate options and many other organizations that have gained your trust). Despite this, you have not given up being there for me, imparting on my family and the cause we represent and continually encouraging us to keep going, no matter what both in word and in deed. This cause is not a part-time hobby for me, it is my life’s vocation. I will always endeavour to be a faithful steward of the resources entrusted to me and the agencies I represent.

Helping the poor  has not been easy. Many a time, it is depressing as the weight of it all just collapses on us. Being there for my family, being a husband and a father (in the presence of so many conflicting interests pulling on me) has not been easy  even as we strive forward on the journey to intimacy. But your constant help and support through emails, phone calls, visits and the general ministry of your presence has built our hope and built the energy needed to keep going on and on.

With these frail hands this Easter season, I wish to extend our love and embrace to you and your family. Thank you for welcoming us in your life.

Towards Unfeigned Love,
Still becoming, Always,
Daniel, Sara, Affia, Dansia and Daniel Jr.


  1. Wayne & Deb Campbell

    April 24, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    Hello, Daniel. We love you, Sarah & your family. We feel so blessed to have you all in our lives. You give so much to us. Thank you for your dedication to the poor and the needy. Have a blessed Easter. Wayne & Deb Campbell

  2. Elaine Wheeler

    April 25, 2011 at 7:43 am

    Thank you, Daniel, for your Thank you. That was very special. Why am I still investing in you and your family and your cause? After meeting you at Moose Lake and having only a few short conversations with you, I knew you were good ground and I knew my commitment was not short-term. I knew in my “Knower”. I appreciate the fact that you are committed to making a difference in the place you know and that you are committed to be light, where you are. You are very right that there are many other big agencies doing beautiful things in the world, but you are that to Burkina Faso. They are so much better off because of your efforts. You go where He sent you. That is all that is required, and the rest our God is working out to His glory. Is it not just so good that He is both the author and finisher of our faith?

    God bless you and yours.
    Elaine Wheeler
    PS I’ve been in Canada (having maried my own Canadian farmer) now 17 years – originally from South Africa.

  3. Margie & Graydon Nickerson

    April 25, 2011 at 9:54 am

    We have read your letter and watched the video – was great to see you and and pictures of your family. This is a great way to touch base since there are so many miles between us.

    Numbers 6:24-26

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